Roadway stacking stereo garage

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Intelligent control, with a high degree of automation, access to high efficiency.

The program space utilization is extremely high, stacking layer from two to ten layers.

The use of steel structure, the whole combination of structure, convenient and efficient, easy maintenance.

Can also use the concrete structure, fully enclosed construction, more safe and efficient, and can be used permanently.

Multiple safety precautions allow you to use worry-free. Such as anti-fall device, photoelectric induction, anti-limit and so on.

Unilateral suspension of three-dimensional parking equipment, also known as the upright three-dimensional mobile type 1, through the three-dimensional movement to the single-row garage to achieve access to a mechanical vehicle parking equipment. Main features: covers an area, parking is simple, parking green two correct. Choice proposal: small size, 5 meters wide, the ground space in the 7 meters (4 layers) within the narrow field, hoping to get more capacity and cost-effective circumstances, such garage as the best choice. Old building area, units, the district is most applicable.45/image_1490164843_1d6cece3-7a8f-4203-807f-41019413833f.jpg