Radio and television tower

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Design specification:



Wind pressure

0~1kN/m2 (Chinese standard, other country's standard may change based on it)

Wind speed

0~180km/h (American standard 3s gust)

Foundation type

Independent foundation/Raft foundation/Pile foundation

Environment condition

Soft ground/Mountain groud


Four tubular/four-legged

Quality system

ISO 9001:2008/TL9000

Design standard

Chinese relative regulation/American standard G/American standard F




Hot dip galvanization (86μm/65μm)

Connection structure





1.The structure of Radio and Television tower

The section shapes of the tower includes triangle, quadrangle, hexagon, octagon, etc. With the change of the shapes from triangle to octagon, the amount of the steel that is used is more, and so is the windward. The construction should be conducted according to real need and architectural art.

2.The material of Radio and Television tower.

The materials are divided into steel tube, angle steel, round steel and the combined member. And the most commonly used is steel tube for its small wind resistance, good rigidity, saving steel and attractive appearance. Angle steel towers are generally connected by node plate bolt, so it is convenient for construction and dismounting. When the tower is completed, it should be sprayed or hot galvanized, or disposed by paint for rust-proof which can prolong the working life. We will choose different materials based on the practical situation.

3.Function of Radio and Television tower.

The tower can be used for the transmission and launch of the microwave, ultra short wave and the wireless network signal. For the larger scale the signal can reach, the transmission antenna is built higher, and one by one, the tower becomes the highest building in modern times. For the same reason, the towers are generally built in downtown, standing as the peak of the city. Broadcast and TV tower now is more than for transmission, it can also be used as a sight. Some towers are placed with revolving resturant, so as to combine with tourism and become multipurpose.

Radio and Television tower (Broadcast and TV tower), the height of these towers are almost above 100 meters. Generally, a Radio and Television tower is composed by tower body, platform, lightning rod, ladder, antenna support, etc. The surface of the towers are usually processed by hot dip galvanization.45/image_47_1386830533_7.jpg